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Monday, March 15, 2010

Small Small Word

Promotional direct mail pieces are one of our favorites here at Personal Marketing Research. We try to send them as regularly as possible, whether it be through email, USPS, anything we can do to get our name out there and our services promoted~!

Many of these mail outs have gone out over time, some get rave reviews and others have no comments.. for all I wonder, "Who see's these mailouts?"

My question was answered recently when one of my bridesmaids called me mid-day on a weekday. "Jamie! I saw your postcard!!"

Personal Marketing Research had sent out a postcard declaring 2010 THE YEAR:

The Year of change! The Year of economic growth! The Year of whatever you want to happen! :) We hung them throughout our office as a pretty little reminder to stay positive and look forward towards a great year, and hoped we could convey the same message to our clients.

Apparently we did.

My bridesmaid, Bria, works in an office building in downtown Chicago that hosts an estimated 200 businesses and clients.
While at work, she went into a coworkers office, and saw "The Year" postcard hanging on a bulletin board. She commented on it, and when her friend handed it over to be viewed, Bria saw PMR's logo and realized it was made by me! :) Her coworker was a client of ours and had seen the same positive message in the card and hung it in her office as well. Bria called immediately and "the rest is history."

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